Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration 6FT Xmas Tree Weihnachtsbaum

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6FT Christmas Tree

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Product Description
1. 1050 branches are carefully made to show vivid mature pine trees
2. The leaves of the Christmas tree are made of high-quality PVC material, showing more real and natural
3. The metal stump base with 3 screws can provide stability and make your stump more stable
4. You can decorate some light bars or pendants on the tree to make it dazzling
5. Christmas tree is an important part of celebrating Christmas and can enhance the festive atmosphere
6. It only takes 3 steps to complete the assembly of this tree. After putting the branches and the metal frame together, all you
need to do is straighten the branches
7. Material: PVC, iron pipe, iron wire
8. Weight: 4800 grams
9. Size: 80x80x180cm
10. Packing list: Christmas tree*1